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Welcome to SpeedwayResults.com!

SpeedwayResults.com is a website created by me to arrange ALL results of speedway meetings in one place. This website should make searching for results, riders, teams and countries and comparing them easier. Website is built onto MySQL database what gaves me a lot of possibilities to make life of every speedway fan easy. Currently in database there are 1909 meetings of season 2009, 2078 meetings of season 2010, 1916 meetings of season 2011, 1770 meetings of season 2012, 1623 meetings of season 2013, 1072 meetings of season 2014 and 2808 riders (2736 with dates of birth, one date removed as answer for request) from 29 countries (check Uruguay)!

You can find a few sections here:

In the future if I have time I would like to add two new sections: Statistics where stats of riders from many leagues would be, and Tables where I would like to put league tables.

Krzysztof Dziamski