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Results of season 2013: Last 30 meetings

2013-12-28Monster Energy World Speedway in Industry HillsScott Nicholls (Great Britain)
2013-12-09Argentinian Winter Championships in Daireux, round 7Facundo Albin (Argentina)
2013-12-08Individual Meeting in FreitalRonny Weis (Germany)
2013-12-08South African National Championships in Walkerville, round 3Gio Nunes (South Africa)
2013-12-08South African National U21 Championship in Walkerville, round 3Brandon Devine (South Africa)
2013-11-24Legends of the past in WalkervilleLyle Kotze (South Africa)
2013-10-30British National League Cup in Isle of WightIsle of Wight Islanders 48 - 44 Dudley Heathens
2013-10-29British National League Cup in WolverhamptonDudley Heathens 58 - 33 Isle of Wight Islanders
2013-10-28British Premier League in SomersetSomerset Rebels 49 - 44 Edinburgh Monarchs
2013-10-27Pairs Challenge in GnieznoPair F
2013-10-27South African Regional Championships in Walkerville, round 2Lyle Kotze (South Africa)
2013-10-26Czech U21 Individual Championships in Mseno, round 5Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic)
2013-10-26Josef Boessner Memorial in MureckNorbert Magosi (Hungary)
2013-10-26Midland Fours in LeicesterKing's Lynn Stars
2013-10-26Mid America Speedway in Indianapolis, round 9Dan Weicht (United States)
2013-10-25British Premier League in EdinburghEdinburgh Monarchs 45 - 43 Somerset Rebels
2013-10-24British National League Cup in MildenhallMildenhall Fen Tigers 44 - 46 Isle of Wight Islanders
2013-10-23Hungarian Mayor's Cup in DebrecenDebrecen Speedway SE 48 - 42 Big's MSC Morahalom
2013-10-20Cup of President of Rybnik in RybnikSebastian Ulamek (Poland)
2013-10-20East Midlands Bowl in LeicesterLeicester Lions 59 - 35 Coventry Bees
2013-10-19Lotto Fair-Play Cup in CzestochowaWlokniarz Czestochowa 46 - 44 Falubaz Zielona Gora
2013-10-19Individual Meeting in DohrenTimo Lahti (Finland)
2013-10-19Czech Cup in Pardubice, round 4Josef Franc (Czech Republic)
2013-10-19British Elite League Riders Championships in SwindonRory Schlein (Australia)
2013-10-18Brandonapolis in CoventryNiels Kristian Iversen (Denmark)
2013-10-18Western States Championship in San BernardinoGino Manzares (United States)
2013-10-17British Premier League in RedcarRedcar Bears 43 - 47 Somerset Rebels
2013-10-1716 lapper in IpswichMorten Risager (Denmark)
2013-10-16Blue Riband in PooleDarcy Ward (Australia)
2013-10-15Polish Pomeranian Junior League in TorunUnibax Torun