Poland meetings

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2012-09-29Anatolyi Stepanov Memorial in TolyattiRussia 45 - 45 Poland
2012-09-22UEM Pairs Championships Final in RivneUkraine
2012-09-08UEM U19 Team Championships Final in LandshutPoland
2012-09-01FIM U21 Team Championships Final in GnieznoPoland
2012-08-25UEM Pairs Championships semi-final in MunkeboDenmark
2012-07-12FIM Speedway World Cup Race-off in MalillaDenmark
2012-07-07FIM Speedway World Cup Semi-final in BydgoszczRussia
2012-06-23Race of Tetje in TeterowLatvia
2012-06-07UEM U19 Team Championships semi-final in OpoleDenmark
2012-04-28Autohaus Cup in MeissenGermany
2012-04-14International Challenge Match in GorzowPoland 47 - 45 Rest of World